Artist Profiles

Detailed profiles of the artist's life and career. The subjects and sites depicted in their art, and the history of how their works entered the market. Sales results  are analysed and the most significant sales records are listed with images of their 10 highest results at public sale. 

News & Reviews

Regular auction and exhibition reviews. Commentaries on the most important issues of the day in the Aboriginal art market. Written  by industry professionals and compiled by Adrian Newstead.


Quality artworks by artists in the top 200 being deaccessioned by collectors and institutions. These are accompanied by a current market valuation prepared by Adrian Newstead who acts as a broker between the current owners and potential buyers.

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Secondary market performance graph from 2000 - 2016

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
49.0099 40.9842 43.7991 64.1398 94.0742 89.7916 88.0000 113.3173 70.4543 68.1360 61.4706 58.8690 56.2592 62.0009 42.5212 84.0728 61.7559
549/765 421/559 377/576 668/899 934/1364 884/1418 803/1114 775/1197 599/1017 618/945 683/1095 678/1086 601/903 530/773 519/801 783/1042 552/863
$11,219 $14,747 $19,122 $14,446 $13,440 $13,492 $16,095 $28,315 $18,150 $17,032 $11,231 $11,916 $12,194 $19,560 $9,714 $16,037 $16,894

Current AIAM100 Index

61.7559 direction-9%

The AIAM100 Index gives an indication of the general health of the industry, which is currently down 9% on average since 2000.

What is ‘The AIAM100’?

The AIAM100 is an index that measures the health of the Australian indigenous art market. The index is calculated at the end of each year using sales at public auction as listed by the Australian Art Sales Digest. The records of the 100 most successful artists are added together to create the AIAM100 market index. This gives both an annual result for the art market as a whole and updates each individual artist's yearly and career ranking. This provides a numerical list of the most important artists of the entire movement.  Detailed profiles, market analysis and performance indicators are provided for each artist along with the artworks that have achieved their ten highest results at auction.

The AIAM100 provides professional advice on the Indigenous art market thereby serving the interests of artists, galleries and collectors.


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